Body Contouring and Sculpting Treatment*

Intellect Spot Shaping

Targeted spot slimming technology, Intelect Spot Shaping treatment uses mobile ultrasound technology to eliminate stubborn cellulite deposits and breaks down fatty deposits. Together with the anti-cellulite deep tissue detox massage and body wrap that stimulates weight loss by manipulating the body's natural heat energy for optimal slimming and contouring effects.


  • Sculpt and toned body
  • Restructure fat tissue
  • Tighten skin elasticity
  • Targeted spot slimming

BioThermie Plus

Forget tummy tuck and liposuction. BioThermie Plus is the latest slimming treatment that targets stubborn fats and sagging skin. It is a scientific system employing Mono Polar Radio Frequency energy, the only non-surgical technology that serves as an excellent substitute to various invasive procedures.

BioThermie Plus is tested and proven to be safe to the body, highly effective to lower stubborn fat and is useful in the reduction of cellulite and stretch marks.

BioThermie Plus works by creating radiowaves that causes the water molecules under the skin to rotate rapidly emiting thermal heat energy that helps in the burning of fat tissues, producing a lipolysis effect at the subcutaneous fat layer. The heat is also instrumental in tightening of collagen fibres, stimulating fibroblasts which produces new collagen for the skin.*

Herbal Body Trim Therapy

An effective duo phase slimming treatment that combines the latest benefits of our BodyTech range of body shaping products with a fat breaking lymphatic drainage system.*

Duo phase slimming comprising of:*

  • A comprehensive fat breaking massage which is a signature and proven technique of Marie France Bodyline, specially designed to take precise action on the areas to be treated. Using thermo-active BodyTech Herbal Cream, the treatment utilizes the advanced restorative and regenerative powers of natural extracts from seaweed, algae and jojoba seed oil and targeted sections are massaged to stimulate metabolic processes, breakdown fats detoxify and encourage cell regeneration.
  • A Revitalizing and Hydrating body wrap using BodyTech Revitalizing Cream enriched in active ingredients to restore firmness and elasticity. It also doubles as a detoxification treatment that helps rid the body of toxins through metabolic stimulation to promote the release of excess fluids.

The benefits of HBTT are:*

  • Cellulite visibly reduced
  • Improved drainage of body toxins
  • Break down of fat cells
  • Cell regeneration, nourishes and refines the skin texture
  • Overall shapelier figure

Laser Pulse System

Introducing Marie France Bodyline's latest weapon against excess fat, the Laser Pulse System – a fat loss solution that is clinically proven to shed your excess inches swiftly and safely.* Powered by a 3-pronged system, this procedure attacks stubborn fat & cellulite by stimulating cell metabolism & boosting the fat burning effect. So you gain the contours you've always desired – effectively & comfortably.

This revolutionary treatment also reduces toxins & enhances collagen production for smoother, tauter skin. Spectacular curves. Fabulous body. It all starts with the Laser Pulse System.*

  • 90% noticed improvement after treatment
  • 80% are satisfied with the treatment
*Studies were presented during the 13th Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology & Venerealogy

Liposonic Therapy

The new therapeutic formula that keeps obesity and cellulite problems away by utilising Liposonic Therapy in the hypodermis.

  • Inducing low sonic frequency to break down fat cell membranes.
  • Stimulates vascular flow and metabolism without affecting healthy cells.
  • Intensifies fluidity of the triglycerides within fat cells.
  • Disposing fat contents through the excretory and lymphatic systems.

Be free from excessive fat and cellulite issues with the latest state-of-the-art technology. Achieve quick inch loss and tauter skin benefits with the new and advanced Liposonic Therapy.*

Mesosound BiActive System

Only Marie France Bodyline's revolutionary therapy combines the powers of Mesotherapy and Ultrasound. By bringing together two of today's most effective slimming technologies, we helped Irene shaped and tone her body to perfection with noticeable inch-loss, tighter skin texture and clearly visible cellulite reduction.*

The process:*

Step 1: Vacuum Suction Therapy
Soften the dermostasis to reduce obstacles and blockage of lymphatic flow, which improves the body's receptivity towards slimming treatments.

Step 2: Therapy
A cutting-edge system emits electrical pulses to the epidermal layer. It creates channels, known as "electropores", which allow active ingredients to effectively penetrate into the underlying layer of fat cells.

Step 3: BiActive Cocktail
A fat-dissolving and circulatory cocktail is applied, which quickly penetrates into the fat cell layer through the electropores. Up to 90% of BiActive cocktails penetrate through the skin, directly dissolving and liquefying fat cells.

Step 4: Ultrasound
To further break down stubborn fat deposits, body fat is liquefied through a state-of-the-art Ultrasound machine. A body modeling gel containing plant extracts is used with the Ultrasound machine to tone the skin and reduce the appearance of "orange peel" cellulite.

V'Pro Advance System New Treatment!

The V'Pro Advance System offers the most advance clinically proven and FDA-approved solution to body contouring and circumferential reduction. Utilising the revolutionary Electro-Optical Synergy technology combining four treatment modalities: Infrared, radio frequency, vacuum and mechanical tissue manipulation.*

How the V'Pro Advance System works:*

  • Repeated mechanical action of vacuum and rollers facilities deeper absorption of heat – draining excess fluid in the lymphatic system and reducing skin dimpling.
  • The treatment reduces the size of fat cells and drains excess fluids, combating cellulite and losing overall inches.*

Benefits of the V'Pro Advance System include:*

  • Increases the metabolism of stored energy
  • Increases lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces size of fat cells
  • Increases collagen production due to fibroblast activation
  • Reduction in circumference – inch loss*
  • Smoother skin texture

VS3 Radio Wave Body Perfector

Marie France Bodylne's VS3 Radio Wave Body Perfector is the first slimming treatment in Singapore & Malaysia to use radio wave technology. It has been widely endorsed by medical professionals, with clinical trials showing consistent results for effective targeted fat loss and cellulite reduction.

A powerful combination of bi-polar frequency, infrared energy and vacuum action, it penetrates up to 15mm to induce a deep heating of underlying fat and skin tissue. This stimulates fat metabolism and collagen production. The result? A body you'll want to show off*

  • An average 24cm reduction overall*
  • An improvement in cellulite appearance of up to 80%
  • A 94% satisfaction rate*

*Figures based on study presented to the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery Conference 2004
Marie France Bodyline - Contouring Treatments
*As causes for being overweight vary from person to person, weight loss results will also vary from person to person, dependant on various genetic or environmental factors such as food intake, individual rate of metabolism, level of exercise, etc. No individual result should be seen as typical.